Find the Best Tour Packages When Visiting North Vietnam with North Vietnam Travel

Travelers can choose from affordable tour packages with costs ranging from $400 to $700 only!

Are you planning to visit North Vietnam and are looking for the cheapest tour packages suited to your budget? If so, then you must try the tour packages that North Vietnam Travel can offer. The company is known for providing the best tour packages that fit anyone’s budget fit.

Travelers can choose from affordable tour packages with costs ranging from $400 to $700 only! These tour packages usually last from 2 to 8 days. Those who are planning to spend more than the allotted days and visit more places can contact the company directly and set a schedule for a tour that can last for up to 11 days.

Among these tour packages, their latest tour package offer is the North Vietnam Tour 9 Days. This will allow you to visit more places and explore the hidden treasures of North Vietnam.

With the North Vietnam Tour 9 Days, you will get to meet the Dao ethnic minority and visit the lush green forest of the Mount Fansipan. You will also get to experience going through the Halong Bay and check out the limestone islets in the area. Within the 9-day journey, you are guaranteed to have a full-packed traveling experience that is all worth every dollar. You will get the chance of appreciating the stunning beauty of North Vietnam and also meet other ethnic minorities in their villages in Northwest Vietnam. Throughout the entire journey, you are sure to appreciate the diverse culture in this Asian country.


Taking this tour package, you will be provided with a full itinerary starting from Day 1 when you can get to rest in your hotel rooms and be able to check the center of Hanoi on your own. You can spend your first day to gather all the energy you can and be able to spend more energy and have all out fun for the entire itinerary for the following days.

For the second day, you will be visiting Son La and where you can check the ethnicities in Hanoi at the Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi. You’ll stay for the night in the place and will proceed to Dien Bien and Lai Chau for the 3rd day. For the 4th and 5th day, the next destination is Sapa. You’ll be spending 2 days in the place and explore different activities, tourist attractions, do some trekking and just enjoy feeling nearer to nature.

After Sapa, you will proceed to Bac Ha for the 6th day. Starting from morning till night, you can spend it trying different Vietnamese delicacies and local cuisine. Before the night comes, everyone should prepare to catch the train going back to Hanoi. On the 7th day, you will proceed to Halong bay and get to spend the entire day in a cruise. You can spend the entire day 8 with appreciating the attractions in Halong and as the night comes you will go back to Hanoi to rest.

The 9th day will be spent as your leisure time as you will be preparing for departure and get some souvenirs to remember your exciting trip. Experience this fun packed tour when you book this tour package at  North Vietnam Travel.