Photo Tips For Your Instagram Holiday Pictures

Make sure that this winter your photographs of festive outfits, snowy landscapes and holiday feasts get the likes that they more than deserve.

Since the era of social media, family photos with matching sweaters on greeting cards have all but disappeared. That being said, holiday photography has not yet completely disappeared — it has merely changed mediums. Make sure that this winter your photographs of festive outfits, snowy landscapes and holiday feasts get the likes that they more than deserve.

  1. Use a Lens

When it comes to capturing the perfect Instagram shot, there is one thing on which professional photographers agree: Never rely on your in-app camera. It is best to use the basic camera app on your phone to capture the photograph and then upload it to Instagram. For the best macro or wide lens shots, experts recommend that you invest in a lens that can be added to your phone and is detachable. There are pro-quality lens kits that cost less than $100 — add one onto your wish list and watch as your likes roll in.

  1. Upgrade Your Current Filters

The basic filters on Instagram are good for a quick spiffing up of a photograph; however these are available to everyone so they tend to add a generic feel to even the most original of photographs. It is best to opt for a third party app for fresh filters that will add a certain sparkle that your holiday memories deserve, photographers find VSCO Cam to be an ideal choice.

  1. Use an App for Editing

If you want results that are worthy of a magazine, you have to take it a step further than a mere filter. Prior to uploading your photo on Instagram, adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness of your photo in a third party program, for example Snapseed or the above mentioned VSCO Cam, these allow specific spots on your photo to be edited — photographers say that it is even best to edit on your cameras app as opposed to Instagram itself. If you want holiday portraits that are picture perfect, to instantly remove red eye, wrinkles and dark under eye circles, use an app like Perfect365. If you are truly vain, you are able to be a virtual plastic surgeon and use this app to raise your cheekbones or slim your face.

  1. Find the Perfect Angle

It is important to take the location of your camera into consideration as you set up your shots. For example, if you are taking a shot of your holiday feast, shooting from above looking directly down at your food is the best choice — even if this means standing on a chair, this is not the moment to be shy. Both photographers and models agree that when you photograph someone from slightly above, the end results are more flattering.

  1. Focus on Composition

Although the stack of present under your tree may look gorgeous in person, this setup will not necessarily translate into a beautiful picture. Before you press the shutter button, take a moment to setup your shot. A photographer approved trick that is very easy is to take the rule of thirds into consideration: Imagine your frame to be divided into three horizontal and vertical sections; your main subject should then be oriented along those lines. You should only use symmetrical shot for settings that offer striking architectural features. This will help you get more Instagram likes for your account.

  1. Try More Than Once

Never expect that on the first try you will get the perfect picture. It takes photographers dozens, even hundreds of shots in order to capture that single most magical moment, let yourself have some options. Take a few shots of the same thing, look over them and pick your favorite to upload on Instagram.

  1. Horizontal is Best

For better results, photographers recommend that you hold your phone horizontally. By doing this, cropping later on is much easier.