Planning Travel to Phi Phi Islands

If you don't mind crowds and are more of a fun type, Ko Phi Phi Don would be the perfect place to head to.

It’s final. You have done the packing, booked the flight, made the hotel reservation and are ready to leave for your long desired vacation to Phi Phi island and you just can’t be more excited. From pristine beaches to picturesque islands, a visit to Phi Phi island is what you say vacations in paradise. If you are hoping to enjoy the most of your few week’s trip to Phi Phi and are still not sure how to enjoy your time there, think about the following:

Phi Phi is the home to the world’s best beaches with shining sand crystal clear water perfect for cooling off from the hot Thai days. There are thousands of options to choose from and depending upon what you are looking for, each place offers something unique than the rest.


If you don’t mind crowds and are more of a fun type, Ko Phi Phi Don would be the perfect place to head to. It is the most populated and the largest island and you will be surprised to see the development that place has undergone which is completely restricted to the narrow sandbar separating its two most famous beaches. Marketed as a tropical island, thronging crowds around supermarkets, tattoo parlours, ATMs and restaurants may surprise you. There are two beach options to choose from and depending on what you are looking for, each one offers something unique than the rest.

Head about 20 minutes south to Ko Phi Phi Don and you will reach a much peaceful Ko Phi Phi Don. Apart from little birds and few security guards, this island is mostly uninhabited. It came into the news when parts of the movie ‘The Beach’ were filmed here. You can expect a lot of tourist activity on especially Maya beach. Visiting the place requires around 100 Baht entrance fee.

phi-phi-island-villageBamboo Island (Ko Mai Phai) is a low-lying islet located to the north of Phi Phi Don and can be visited by hiring Phuket. Located to the further north of Ko Mai Phai, Mosquito Island (Ko Yung) has a stone beach in the east and sandy beach in the west. There are other elegant and quieter resorts on Laem Thong, Long Beach and other less populated areas.

You should not forget that most of the local islanders are Buddhists and Muslims and they don’t welcome the tourists who walk around the town in skimpies. It is true that many tourists walk around the main street in speedos and bikinis, to avoid offending the locals, it is better to throw on a pair of sarong or shorts.

As there are a huge number of great places to visit in Phi Phi islands, it is better to hire the taxi Phuket service so that it can take you to any place on request. Most of the visitors don’t know much about the popular tourist spots, this is where the transfer Phuket service comes to your help. They can take you anywhere at a moment’s notice. However, don’t forget to an advance reservation to complete a leisurely trip as it will save a lot of time and money.

Phi Phi islands don’t have an international airport of their own. So if you are making plans about how to reach the islands, you would need to book your tickets to Phuket International Airport. The most economic and popular travel option from Phuket to Phi Phi is the transfer Phuket ferry service. The charges depend on the facilities and convenience they offer to the passengers.

Though the thrills and adventures can be quite exciting while on Phu Phu vacations, chances are you were hoping for much-needed relaxation and rest. The great news is that people there are famous for providing just that.