Top 5 Don’t Miss Places To Visit While In London

The globally high-ranking conurbation receives millions of sightseers from the four winds of the earth because of its glamorous tourist attractions.

London is the capital and also the most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. With a rich history stretching back to city’s founding by the ancient Romans more than two millennia ago, London stands on River Thames, and is one of the most influential metropolises in the whole world. The globally high-ranking conurbation receives millions of sightseers from the four winds of the earth because of its glamorous tourist attractions. As such, this article explores some attraction sites in London that vacationers often tour. Continue reading to discover some five top places to visit while in London.

1. ArcelorMittal Orbit

Although a recent attraction, ArcelorMittal Orbit has become one of the most iconic places that any sightseer ought to visit while on their London sojourn. With magnificent curious structures and breathtaking views over London, the Orbit hosts bars in the summer. As such, you can catch the panoramic sunset with a crisp drink – no doubt the best way to spend your holiday on any foreign soil.

2. London Zoo

Again, your tour of London is never complete without a stop-over at the London Zoo, especially if you come with your kids. The zoo boasts over 12,000 animal types. Such animals include meerkats, gorillas, and other spectacular wild species. The zoo is globally renowned for preserving rare creatures that you will not find in many other zoos or orphanages out there. Your kids will no doubt like the otherworldly experience as they tour the zoo.

3. HMS Belfast

Docked on the South Bank, the historic HMS Belfast is another tourist attraction spot that you can never afford to overlook while visiting London. The town is rich in history, with a unique heritage as one of the most notable ancient wartime towns, having played a key role in a number of epoch-marking wars of the olden world. Your excursion of HMS Belfast will give you a crystal-clear impression of how life was like on the deck.

4. Shakespeare Globe Theatre

Whether or not you are a literature enthusiast, your visit of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre will make your London sojourn a really memorable experience. The life of this world-famous Bard will be vividly brought to the fore by your experience at this top-ranking tourist attraction spot. The reconstructed open-air playhouse dates back to the Elizabethan time and will doubtless bequeath a thrilling idea of what goes into making a Shakespearean play. It is the time-old tradition of certain literati to visit this artistic monument, and you will definitely encounter hordes of other vacationers at this location. However, if you’re into a different type of theater you can always drop by the Stag do at Windmill International for evening entertainment.

5. Royal Botanical Kew Gardens

You will have wasted your money if you do not spare some time to visit the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens while in London. Your walk around the 121 hectares of the exotic oases in this West London neighborhood provides a relaxing break from the hectic hustle and bustle of your usually taxing daily routines. The Rose Gardens, Nature Trails, and Tree Top Walk offer unmatched thrills that only the magical London city can offer. Every sightseer who has been to Britain will attest to the fact that the Kew Gardens are a must-see tour for anyone on a European visit.